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Yesterday, Nicholas with blonde hair attended the Fendi Fashion Awards and he looked amazing. I added over 30 photos into the gallery from the event along with missing events that I have had on my MacBook and sorted.

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I am finally back with updating the main page. You probably have notice that over the last few months I have updated the gallery without making a site update and that was because I was very much in a funk but wanted to keep the gallery at least updated. While in the small hiatus, I uploaded several photoshoots, Nicholas attending the Met Gala, The Idea of You stills, screen caps and press interviews, stills and episode screencaptures of Mary and George.

Now I provide you with two interviews that Nicholas did recently: Actors on Actors with White Lotus star Leo Woodall and The Hollywood Reporter – The Drama Actor Roundtable with the likes of Matt Bomer, Callum Turner and others!

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admin   April 28, 2024

Nicholas Galitzine understands his job can sometimes get in the way of personal relationships.

The British actor, who played Prince Henry in the 2023 rom-com Red, White & Royal Blue, stars opposite Anne Hathaway in the new romance The Idea of You. In it, he plays Hayes Campbell, a world-famous pop star and member of the boy band August Moon.

Hayes, in his early 20s, struggles with making true connections while touring and being a beloved idol — until he has a chance encounter at Coachella with Solène, an art dealer and single mom, played by Hathaway, 41.

Galitzine, 29, identified with some of Hayes’s struggles.

“I am acutely aware that I am so lucky to do the job that I do, but it, like any job, has its pitfalls,” he tells PEOPLE. “The transience of the job, never really being in the same place at the same time as maybe family or relationships, can be really difficult, really straining.”

“It’s why it’s important to have people in your life who keep you grounded and keep your energy up, keep you going,” adds Galitzine, also a lead on the Starz series Mary & George. “It’s also important to take breaks and have time to yourself as a human being as well.”

Still, “I think Hayes is a lot more famous than I am,” says Galitzine, adding that musicians have added challenges that actors maybe avoid.

“In a lot of ways it’s really difficult for pop stars because at least with an actor, you kind of have this buffer with the characters that you play, people know that’s not you,” says Galitzine. “Whereas with musicians, a lot of the time your onstage persona can get blended with who you are in private.”

He adds, “That sort of confusion of haze between who is he behind closed doors and who is he onstage was a really interesting thing to get into.”

Galitzine says there was “so much thought that went into fame and its effect on love and relationships” for the movie, which is based on the 2017 novel by Robinne Lee. And getting to work with a seasoned star like Oscar winner Hathaway, who is married to Adam Shulman, was major for the rising actor.

“Of course I was a fan [beforehand]. Annie’s someone who perfectly encapsulates the type of career that I want for myself in the sense that she’s incredibly versatile,” he says. “She can do the comedy, she can do the drama, she can do the heightened musical element of it. She really is so gifted.”

The Idea of You is on Prime Video May 2.

admin   March 17, 2024

Yesterday, Anne Hathaway and Nick attended the world premiere of their new flick The Idea Of You at the SXSW in Austin Texas.

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